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Babysitters and Pet Sitters

The Babysitter and Pet Sitter list contains sensitive information, please recognize that it is prohibited to share any information from the list with persons who are not members of the Tri-Mission community.

If you or your teens would like to be added to the lists, click on the button labelled “baby sitter and pet sitter forms”

One thought on “Babysitters and Pet Sitters

  1. Review from a doggies and company customer sent to CLO:

    On the first Tuesday of August 2017 Doggies and Company staff picked up our lab mix for his weekly morning forest walk. We had just recently moved to Paris and had heard great reviews about this pet sitting and walking company. After 1 month as a client in their words an “unusual accident” occurred to our dog while in their care for a mere 2 hours. He was returned to us with a severe injury to his tail that required an amputation of over 2 inches. This was after the dog walker proceeded to walk down the sidewalk, into our apartment lobby and up 6 flights of stairs with blood spurting out of the end of this tail. At the point we encountered the dog walker she was covered in blood, bewildered and frazzled not knowing how to stop the bleeding and what the next step should be to care for our dog. We understand that accidents happen, and would still be client of this company however from the moment we spoke to the female dog walker and co-owners Gabriella & Eric our dog was blamed for the accident. We believe the injury occurred in either the back of their van during transport back to our residence or the dog walker closed the door on our dogs tail. At the time of transport the dog walker had three other dogs in the van, 1 in a cage and 2 loose in the back where our dog was transported. The company transports animals in vans to their various pet walking locations or sitter homes. Small dogs are placed in crates if they have enough and large dogs are clipped to the side of the interior of their van behind the crates. There is no padding for the dogs, which if brakes are applied the dogs can easily slide around and injure themselves. This is how our dog was blamed for his injury according to the company. They came to this conclusion after they found hair and blood on the underside of a crate. Further they stated that since they started they have only had 3 dogs tails closed in their van doors. This response and their lack of compassion for the injury of a pet in their care, has led us to write this formal review and file a complaint with the embassy.

    Further at no point during the vet stay, surgery or recovery have we receive an offer to pay for any of the costs. We only received an apology after we emailed the company asking to cancel all upcoming walks and pet sitting reservations and to remove our information from their system. As pet owners we ask all potential future clients to ask the pertinent questions, view the vans, ask why they do not contain dogs better in their vans, do the dog walkers know pet first aid and CPR and if a pet is injured what costs are covered. Our dog will survive, but if a more severe accident happens in the future will this company be held accountable? How many clients will it take for this company to stand behind their slogan….we are a team of experienced professionals who (are) devoted (to) their passion since 2005 (and) to the care of your pets.

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