La Vie en CLO

Bienvenue! Welcome to the CLO Paris Blog and Website.

Information & Resource Management

CLO is your Information and Resource Management Liaison

 The CLO communicates with their community through social media
and/or a newsletter, and maintains a community resource center.
The CLO prepares the bi-annual CLO Activity Report, which
informs FLO and other key figures in Washington about the
situation at post. To support bidders, CLO submits post information
to the Overseas Briefing Center (OBC).


Staying Informed and Connected! 

There are plenty of ways to stay up-to-date on all the latest events and information, and CLO is here to help you get connected!


To join the CLO Paris unofficial Facebook group, email with “Facebook Group” in the Subject line.


By reading this you’re already one step ahead! Continue to check the blog for the latest updates, and explore our pages for tons of great information.


Find the CLO Paris Intranet pages under the United States Missions – France Share Point site: http://eur.p.state.sbu/sites/paris/CLO/Sitepages/ParisCLO_Home.aspx
note: this link will ONLY work on internally connected devices


Newcomers receive a “CLO Pre-Arrival Form” as an attachment to our “Welcome to Paris” email. Once the form is completed and processed by our office, you will begin to receive our emails. If you are already on Post and not receiving this information, please email us at: