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Guidance & Referral

CLO is your Guidance and Referral Liaison

The CLO provides confidential support to community members,
including in instances such as divorce, spouse or child abuse,
adoption, death, and mental health concerns. CLOs refer clients to
professional caregivers and other resources when needed. The CLO
also represents community concerns to post management and helps
formulate solutions.

Sometimes life gets difficult or complicated.  We are here to support you with guidance on appropriate steps to take and referrals for help.  Please call us for an appointment or just stop by to talk.

CLO Confidentiality Policy

What is said in private by any individual shall be held in strictest confidence unless there is danger to the individual, others, or to the interests of the United States Mission. By law, child abuse must be reported. According to 3 FAM 1815, any person who suspects an employee is involved in domestic violence should report this information to the Family Advocacy Officer (FAO) at post. Department of State policy requires supervisors and any responsible Department officials who become aware of an allegation of discriminatory or sexual harassment to report it to the Office of Civil Rights (S/OCR) for action. (3 FAM 1525 and 3 FAM 1526) In no other cases will the CLO Coordinator repeat what is said by another person without permission of the individual or unless otherwise required by law.