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Employment Liaison

CLO is your Employment Liaison

CLO advocates for family member employment opportunities both
inside and outside the mission. As a member of the Post Employment
Committee, the CLO promotes family member preference
and a formalized post hiring policy. CLO organizes workshops and
presentations on employment resources. CLOs also prepare the
semi-annual Family Member Employment Report, outlining
opportunities for EFMs at post.

Are you ready to join the Tri-Mission workforce?  CLO Paris has resources to help:

-Identify your employment status
-Identify job opportunities within the Tri-Mission community
-Identify useful sources for resume and interview preparation

If you have questions e-mail us at or stop by the office.

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The Family Member Employment Report (FAMER) tracks Foreign Service family member employment worldwide. Find out what positions exist for family members at each post. Updated and published twice a year by FLO, the FAMER is an important tool in the bidding process, helping employees and family members make informed employment decisions. FAMERs provide a snapshot of the overseas employment situation for family members, offering both an overview and specific statistics on employment inside the mission and on the local economy. The worldwide overview statistics report is available on FLO’s website as well as specific Post Famers. (This link will only work if you are on a device that connects to the Intranet.) If you do not have access to the Intranet you may request reports by e-mail at: