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Education Liaison

CLO is your Education Liaison

CLOs maintain contact with schools used by post families and
provide information on educational options. The CLO also
provides information on overseas schools, Washington area
schools, boarding schools, education allowances, special needs
resources, home schooling, distance learning, adult education
opportunities, and child care. CLO also prepares an annual
school summary and child care report.

The links below will give you additional information to consider about International schools in the greater Paris area, as well as how to enroll in a French school (all schools listed are locations in which Mission children are currently enrolled, the list is not exhaustive):



There are many school options available in Paris, but timing is critical and you will need to make education decisions before you arrive at Post.  It is also important to bear in mind that the majority of schools that are considered by Embassy personnel are private institutions, and they are under no obligation to accept embassy children.  The schools most Embassy children attend in Paris are: the American School of Paris (PK-12), Marymount International School (PK-8), and the International School of Paris (K-12). Additional choices include a number of bilingual schools, the British School of Paris, and local French schools.

*Note: To apply to local French schools you may need to wait until you arrive to apply and vaccinations requirements are slightly different than in the United States.

It is the responsibility of parents to communicate directly with the school of their choice in order to ensure their child’s acceptance into that institution.

  1. Read the information on schools provided by the CLO office and consult the school websites.
  2. Contact the school directly to request information and a registration packet from the schools you are considering.
  3. All registration documentation must be submitted directly to the school.
  4. The school will inform you directly if your child has been admitted.


Unlike public schools in the United States, private overseas schools are not required to meet the educational needs of every child who wants to attend. Therefore, if your child has special needs, it is your responsibility to select an appropriate school to address those needs. Please be aware that Paris has limited programs for children with special needs.


Some schools require placement testing, an interview, or both. All schools require health and immunization records, as well as school records.  You should hand-carry all these records to post.

When filling out forms, please use the following address:

Your Name

C/O Corinne Foltier FMC A16

American Embassy

2, avenue Gabriel

75382 Paris Cedex 08

For non-State officers and their families, please check with your agency to confirm the C/O contact name.


*If you are NOT part of the State Department, please check with your agency before proceeding with the following instructions. For military personnel, please contact post’s DAO Office at or with questions regarding your education allowance. All military personnel should send their child’s school application directly to the school of their choice.

The American School of Paris and Marymount International School: If you are planning to apply to American School of Paris or Marymount, then you will NOT need to pay the application fee in advance. Please send an email to the CLO at and Corrine Foltier in the Financial Management Center Payroll and Allowances Section to let her know your school choice and child’s age and grade.

*You will be personally responsible to pay for the application fee if you decide not to enroll you child at the American School of Paris or Marymount International School after the application has been sent, even if your assignment changes.

All other schools: If you are applying to a school other than the American School of Paris or Marymount International School, then send your application and fees directly to the school. You will be required to send current school records and pay the application fee in order to guarantee a place. Once you arrive at post, application fees are refundable by the Embassy FMC Payroll and Allowances Section.  Only one application fee per child may be refunded. If parents decide to apply to more than one school per child, they must assume the additional cost.


An education allowance is given to civilian and some military Embassy employees for the education of their dependents. Check with your sponsoring agency to see what your specific circumstances are and at what age coverage begins. This education allowance can be applied to any school of your choice and covers tuition, books, transportation and other obligatory expenses. Please note that parents must pay any expenses above and beyond the government’s allowance limit. School uniforms, lunches and extracurricular activities are not included.

Field trips, compulsory or not, are not covered by the Department of State Education Allowance and remain the responsibility of the parents, as are other extracurricular activities. The American School of Paris, Marymount International School, the International School of Paris and many other schools have yearly overnight field trips which will not be paid by the Department of State.

For inquiries, contact Corinne Foltier at

For non-State officers and their families, these policies may not always apply.  Please check with your agency to confirm.

For military personnel, please contact post’s DAO Office at Tel: 33-1-43-12-2825 or with questions regarding your education allowance.


The American School of Paris, the Marymount International School and the British School of Paris have extensive busing systems which serve all of the Tri-Mission housing areas. The fee for this is included with the tuition bill paid by the Embassy so there is no out-of-pocket expense.  The International School of Paris offers bus service for their primary school, but not for older students.  Please contact your school of choice directly to find out the specifics of their transport system.


The mission of the Office of Overseas Schools is to promote quality educational opportunities at the elementary and secondary level for dependents of American citizens carrying out our programs and interests of the U.S. Government abroad.

Their efforts are to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries by upgrading educational institutions which serve to demonstrate American educational principles and methods employed in the United States

The Office of Overseas Schools is staffed with a director and regional education officers, each assigned oversight of a geographic region, who are well-informed about schools attended by U. S. citizen school-age dependent children. For information about overseas schools, you are encouraged to contact the Regional Education Officer for Western Europe, Christine Brown   (202) 261-8217