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Crisis Mgmt. & Security

CLO is your Crisis Management and Security Liaison 

CLO plays a key role in a crisis, relaying critical information between
post management and the community. With RSO, CLO organizes
security briefings, personal preparedness seminars, and meetings to
ensure emergency preparedness. In case of an evacuation, the CLO
provides departure and safehaven information to FLO and, after a
crisis, works with post management to rebuild the community.


Visit FLO’s Personal Preparedness webpage for resources on earthquake preparedness, a 72-hour emergency kit, a Go-Bag checklist, among others, to help you develop a personalized preparedness plan. The more information you have, the more control you have over the situation and the better you can cope with a variety of events.

If you have security questions, need advice on handling family difficulties/crisis, or need to know where to go for information on how to stay connected and accounted for during a local crisis, please stop by the office.  You can also e-mail us at

The American Red Cross has teamed up with Disney to create an online, interactive Disaster Preparedness Activity Book for children in both English and Spanish.  Visit the American Red Cross Website for information on helping youths to prepare and to access the activity books.